Creating a Character

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Creating a Character

Post by The Directors on Wed Jul 08, 2015 10:49 am

When creating your character, please read through these and follow ALL of the guidelines in this thread.

Please make sure you have a face claim to a person when you are creating your character for simplicity sake. While this is not on the form, the staff might ask for a picture to get a better look at your character. You are not allowed to change the appearance of Cannon Character on this site. For example The Black Widow does look like Scarlett Johannson.

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. You cannot create a victimizing character (one who has no strengths and is constantly being kidnapped or beaten) and you cannot create a Mary-sue (a character with nothing wrong with them). If we see either of these, we will request that you change your personality to match this rule.

History's must be realistic to the organization that you are in. We are currently NOT ALLOWING any Black Widow program participants unless they are a cannon character already. Keep in mind that SHIELD and Hydra like to recruit troubled youth or orphans, though it is not impossible for them to have families.

Face Claims (TAKEN):
  • Natasha Romanoff as Scarlett Johansson

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