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Chatbox Rules

Post by The Directors on Tue Jul 07, 2015 6:06 pm

Please obey these rules within the chatbox to avoid being banned for a set or undetermined amount of time.

  1. RESPECT Please respect all of your fellow Role Players. If you have a disagreement, please take it to private messaging or report it to staff. Respect is the most important value on this site and we are all here to have fun.
  2. HARASSMENT Please do not repeatedly ask staff about your application or a user to staff action in the chatbox, because we all want to have fun too. We have a life outside of this site and we also play characters that we'd like to keep up on. We will get to your request when we have time to.
  3. SPAM Please do not spam the chatbox with messages.
  4. LANGUAGE Bonus points if you read that in Steve's voice! We accept members as young as 13 onto our site, so while minor swearing is allowed, please keep it on the down-low.
  5. ATTACKS Do not attack other members. Friendly discussions or debates are allowed, but if they get out of hand you will be asked to drop the topic. If you are asked this, please do so.
  6. ADVERTISEMENT Do not advertise other role-playing websites!
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